8 Common Furnace Problems That Homeowners Should Know About

Furnaces are essential for keeping homes warm and comfortable during the cold seasons. However, like any other equipment, furnaces can develop problems over time. As a homeowner, learning to identify common furnace problems before they cause issues can save money and keep your home comfortable.

1. Dirty or Clogged Filters

Filters play an important role in keeping the air quality in a home high and free of dust, dirt, and other allergens. However, these filters can become filled with debris over time and need to be changed or cleaned regularly to ensure proper functioning. If a filter builds up too much debris, it can reduce the volume of air flowing through the system. This may cause the furnace to malfunction or overheat. In this case, you can replace or clean the filters.

2. Ignition Problems

The ignition system is responsible for lighting the flame inside of a gas or oil furnace. If the ignition system develops a problem, starting up and maintaining the heat in the home can become difficult. Common signs of an ignition problem include strange noises, uneven heating, and difficulty turning on and off. To diagnose this issue, you should ask a professional to check your pilot light or electronic ignitor module.

3. Leaks or Cracks in Ducts

The ducts in a furnace carry the heated air from the furnace to each room in the home. Over time, these ducts can develop cracks or leaks due to wear and tear, decreasing airflow throughout the house. The insulation on these ducts may also sag and fall off in moist crawl spaces.

There are a few things that can signal leaks in your ductwork. An increase of dust coming through the vents, a whistling sound, or an earthy smell can all be signs that your ducts are leaking. Another sign would be a decrease in the air from the registers. If you are concerned about this, contact a professional furnace technician to help fix the issue.

4. The Pilot Light Won’t Stay Lit

Problems like clogged gas valves and bad ventilation can cause a pilot light not to stay lit. Another possible cause of this issue is a damaged or faulty thermocouple. To identify this problem, your HVAC professional will check the gas valve to determine whether it is clogged and test each component for effectiveness.

5. An Unexpected Increase in Energy Bills

If you find that your energy bills are larger than the seasonal changes would cause, there may be an issue with your furnace efficiency. To ensure the optimal efficiency of your furnace, you should have it serviced and inspected once or twice a year by a professional technician who can identify any problems with the system and make any necessary repairs.

6. Irregular Heating Cycles

If a furnace is not cycling correctly, then there might be an issue with its components, such as the thermostat or blower motor. One of the signs of inefficient cycling is that the home can become too hot or cold even when it shouldn’t be.

7. Unusual Noises

Any unusual noises from a furnace could indicate that it is having some problems. Rattling or clunking sounds are usually signs that something isn’t right. The noise source could range from a broken belt or fan to an issue with the motor or blower wheel. Regardless of what it is, it is best to let a professional investigate the problem and fix it.

8. Poor Ventilation

A well-ventilated system is essential if you want your furnace to run efficiently and safely. If you have a furnace that burns gas or oil, poor ventilation can cause dangerous buildups of carbon monoxide or other toxins, which can become a hazard for you and your family. To prevent this from happening, have your furnace inspected once a year to ensure that the ventilation system is working properly.

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