Working with gas pipes is not a do-it-yourself project. Whether you’re looking to install, replace, repair, remove, or relocate gas pipes, you need the professional experience and care you get from Efficiency Plumbing.

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    Contact us for any and all gas pipe work.
    • Repiping for old gas lines
    • Installation of gas pipes for a stove, dryer, or any other appliance
    • Extension of gas piping for a home addition
    • Installation or repair of propane piping
    • Gas leaks – after you’ve called your utility for an immediate shutoff!
    • Conversions from an electric water heater to gas
    • Conversion from an oil furnace to gas

    Expect Quick, Clean Gas Pipe Extensions

    Drawing on our 20 years of experience as remodelers, we’re experts in moving gas pipes and extending them into new spaces, such as a room addition on your home or an expansion of your business. We also can pipe entire buildings.

    We work quickly, safely, and professionally, and we follow up our efforts with a cleanup that leaves your home or business tidy. You’ll experience minimal disruptions when you get gas pipe services from Efficiency Plumbing.

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