You can better manage your indoor temperature system with a zoning system installation in Hanover, MA. It’s easier to get your desired comfort levels when you use a zoned setup to heat and cool your home. When you use zoning, you direct your conditioned or heated air only to the spaces you’re using at the time. You’ll save money on energy costs throughout the year and receive other benefits, such as less equipment wear and tear. The experts at Efficiency Plumbing also offer zoning system repair services for major brands and equipment models.

Installing a zoned temperature system can occur in several ways. Many homeowners achieve appropriate temperatures using ductless units in multiple rooms with a traditional system to service main living spaces. In a home with an existing HVAC system, you can retrofit the setup to redirect airflow according to your preferences. This type of zoned system uses automated vents to completely separate each area. You can also use either type of installation in a business environment. Known as commercial zoning systems, the goal is to separate temperature control between offices, warehouse space, and public or retail areas.