Hanover, MA and surrounding cities experience temperatures that range from the low 60s through the high 70s in winter. But during the height of July and August, temperatures can skyrocket into the upper 80s and 90s. Though you might know Efficiency Plumbing as one of the top choices for plumbing services in the area, we can also help you get a handle on your cooling bills. Find out how we can help you enjoy lower cooling bills all summer long.

Get a New AC

As much as you don’t want to admit it, your AC may finally be nearing the end of its life. AC systems can last for up to two decades, but they lose efficiency after about 10 years. Plus, some newer systems are much more energy efficient than was possible 10 or 20 years ago. Signs of an aging system that may need a replacement include strange noises and sounds, frequent repairs, leaks, moisture buildup, and a lack of cool air.

We can install a new AC that does a much better job of keeping up with the Hanover summer heat. Don’t worry if you can’t pay for a new system right now because we offer financing on approved credit through GreenSky. Apply online to see if you qualify for a deal that gives you a full year to pay off your new system. Another plan gives you more time to pay off your AC and a low interest rate.

Add a Smart Thermostat

Make your old AC more efficient with the addition of a smart thermostat. Honeywell and Nest are just two of the brands that make these thermostats. They work with a smartphone app that lets you control and adjust all settings. Using the app gives you an easy way to turn the AC off or lower the temperature when your family is gone during the day. You can then adjust the temperature to cool down your house right before you head home.

A smart thermostat also learns from you as you use it and begins predicting your needs. It can raise and lower the temperature every day and even shut itself off when your home is empty. They also come with a scheduling feature. This allows you to choose the settings you want to use for the next seven days or longer.

Opt for a Tune-Up

It’s not just old ACs that cause energy bills to rise. A unit that you neglected or didn’t use for a few months can suffer from some potential problems, too. Before you start running your AC this spring or summer, call us to schedule a tune-up. We can find and repair all of the problems that reduce its efficiency.

Our routine maintenance plans are similar but allow you to get help during the summer months and long after summer ends. Let us change your filters to improve airflow and clear any debris on your coils. A maintenance plan can also include tasks like cleaning the condenser, calibrating your thermostat, and going over the entire system.

Turn Down the Thermostat

You can still lower your energy bills even if you decide against a smart thermostat. We recommend keeping the temperature at no lower than 75 degrees in the summer. You use 10% or more energy for every degree above 75. If you find that your home still feels too hot, try increasing the temperature by just one degree per day until you reach a comfortable level.

Many of our local clients also find combining their ACs with fans helpful. A ceiling fan is a nice option because you can change the direction of the blades. When the blades run counterclockwise, they create a stronger breeze and force cool air down in the room. This also allows the fan to collect some of the air produced by your AC and move it to new areas of the room. This lets you enjoy the comfort you crave without constantly running your AC.

Save on Energy Bills This Summer

Higher energy bills aren’t something you have to deal with this summer. At Efficiency Plumbing, you’ll find easy and helpful ways to lower those bills and still beat the heat. Call us today to schedule a tune-up for your AC or to buy and install a brand-new air conditioner.

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